We are 

DataQG is the Leading Data Enablement and Community Platform. We are revolutionizing Data education by fostering a global community that thrives on peer-peer collaboration, knowledge sharing, and access to top-tier exclusive resources. Our one-of-a-kind platform provides a safe haven where data teams educate, enhance their skills, acquire knowledge on best practices, and establish lifetime global connections.

Our Mission

At DataQG, we are here to empower our community through connection. We dedicate ourselves to building a trusted platform with leading education, resources, collaboration, and opportunity. Our mission is to educate our members and offer the leading exclusive Data Governance Community Education Platform.

Our Philosophy

The essence of data governance is driven by people, process, technology, and culture. Data governance is arguably an art and quickly turning into a strategic initiative within every organization. DataQG and our members believe there is no one-size-fits-all, whether it’s approaches, frameworks, best practices, technology, or use-cases. Data governance is unique and peer-to-peer collaboration is a must-have for organizations to understand this ever-evolving space. We build trust in the industry through connection. 

Our Values

Equality, inclusion, and respect are absolute standards at DataQG. Creativity and innovation thrive in a diverse environment. We welcome every background, orientation, and opinion into our brand. DataQG is committed to contributing to the environment. We donate a portion of our revenue to battle climate change. Our entire business at its core is built around bringing people together as a global community under one virtual roof. This is our passion.