Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) ingests information from more than 60 different technologies, along with active metadata, to automatically stitch a near real-time, self-defined data fabric. It is the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry, and provides the visualizations necessary to catalog, trace, trust and analyze while promoting confidence, transparency and governance of…



Three decades into the data revolution, we find ourselves asking an existential
question: What happened to the promise of customer 360?
The ability to get more customer data was supposed to fundamentally change the
relationship between customers and brands. Companies were going to be able
to offer targeted, meaningful engagements that would multiply average deal size
and slash time to close. Predictive algorithms would make it possible for brands
to give their customers everything they needed — before they knew they needed
it — sending customer loyalty and lifetime value (LTV) through the roof.


By When data knowledge is easy to share, access, and understand, innovation follows. DataGalaxy makes it simple to organize and utilize trustworthy business metadata. Our platform drives multi-level insights and empowers companies to accelerate and evolve from within.


MANTA is a world-class data lineage platform that automatically scans your data environment to build a powerful map of all data flows and deliver it through a native UI and other channels to both technical and non-technical users. With MANTA, everyone gets full visibility and control of their data pipeline.



Sifflet relies on AI to deliver intelligent data monitoring, that gives an overview of the state of your data and alerts your teams when your quality criteria aren’t met. A full data stack observability platform that makes sure your data is reliable at every step of the data pipeline.