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Catch community member presentation with Habib Basari, Director of Technology at (Data Governance/AI) as we discuss the intricacies of Evaluating a Data Catalog: Build vs Buy. In this event, we will explore crucial aspects of implementing a data catalog within your community. Habib has led the effort to create a data catalog for his organization from scratch.

We’ll begin by identifying essential business use cases and evaluating user adoption potential, ensuring the catalog meets the community’s needs effectively.

Discover strategies for establishing a one-stop shop for data, identifying initial users, and maintaining engagement over time. Furthermore, we’ll delve into the complexities of pricing, architecture, and metadata import considerations, essential for successful implementation. Whether you’re considering building your data catalog from scratch or opting for a pre-existing solution, this event will provide valuable insights into where to start, crafting a product growth plan, and aligning with business objectives effectively.

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