Data literacy – benefit or requirement for your business?


 October 12, 2022 at 7:53 pm

As the business world is starting to see the value and moving to embrace the use of data across the company, we are now burdened with the fact that there is leaders, strategists, and individual contributors that have not been bitten by the data bug yet. This often causes teams to have poor or lacking data management standards and causes extreme risk when the teams what to leverage the data sets to create analytics or products instead of managing, governing, and then compliantly making the data available.

This is a huge issue when it comes to making progress with your data governance team and having the support driven from key stakeholders across the business. The gap to address now is the how. How can we bring teams collectively to the data table. How do we have them drink the data “kool-aid” what steps are you or your team making to engage the teams to get them aligned with the overall data strategy?

This is where data literacy comes in. When talking about data and trying to understand/determine value, the first step needs to be “Do we even understand the potential ahead of us.” Educating your teams across your company can take many different forms from appearing in a staff meeting or even speaking at a town hall or broader meeting, My team has developed a wonderful slide deck that is our conversation starter. We lay out the what, when, how, and why to our data strategy as we help inform teams across the enterprise.

My question to you is how do you engage in the act of educating those who may not be data literate and how do you show the value of the data governance prior to pushing out data products or analytics.