At DataQG, we contribute 1% of our online membership revenue to carbon removal. 

At DataQG, we contribute 1% of our membership revenue to carbon removal. 


DataQG is part of a climate coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal

No company can stop climate change by itself, but a community can make a difference. DataQG aggregates our funds to reduce the global carbon footprint. Clean energy is the governance of our future. 

We support emerging technologies that remove CO₂ from the atmosphere

DataQG is a proud member of the Stripe Climate Coalition which allocates contributions toward projects that remove and reduce (CO2)  from the atmosphere. The Coalition uses a transparency application to ensure funds are directed to projects that have a real impact on the environment. 

Climate Change

Climate change is one the biggest challenges our community is facing today. DataQG and our members are dedicated to being part of the solution. We strive for a safe and healthy planet. 

Air Pollution

In this rapidly developing society, factories, buildings, and vehicles are producing a rapid amount of toxins into the environment.  All these are causing the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere which is changing the health of planet earth. 

Even 1% is a contribution to change the environment

By joining DataQG as a member, we donate 1% of your membership revenue to carbon removal. 

Join us in scaling carbon removal

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