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Empowering Data Citizens in a Data-Driven Culture 

Education to build a Data-Driven Culture

Your data governance journey will bring you down a path of tough choices, various opinions, and crossroads that are undefined. Tap into industry-leading data education on an interactive community platform with data teams across the globe. 

Getting Started with Data Governance
Getting started in the Data Governance world can be overwhelming. Tap into a culture of support and knowledge sharing
Data Stewardship Training
Train, educated and equip your data stewardship team with practical and knowledge
Data Governance Collaboration
Upskill with real life techniques and knowledge on data governance collaboration
Data Policies, Rules, and Procedures
Every organization is unique. Each with a different people, culture, and process. Understand the right approach for you company.
Data Operations, Profit, and Risk
Leveraging data governance for the growth of their organization
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Community-driven knowledge sharing every step of the way

The Power of our platform is within our members. Crow-sourced insights, member-led data governance courses, lifetime connections, and true peer-peer knowledge sharing to speed up the time to value for your data governance team. Together, we can do anything.

Insights and Content found nowhere else

Give your company the edge it’s been looking for by bringing new insights, proven methodologies, and real-time information from across the industry. Data Governance education like never before. DataQG’s community-driven approach makes anything possible

Trusted by Leading Data Governance

Teams Across the Globe

Active and participating members educating and growing, together.  

What our Members Say

What our Members Say

DataQG members are at the center of who we are. Our mission is to empower our community through connection and foster growth across the platform. Join the leading and most exclusive data governance education and network platform. 

"Knowing in real-time what is happening in my industry from a data perspective is so valuable. The approach DataQG is taking has changed the way a lot of us will approach our initiatives."
Anna Nguyen: Data Governance: Office of CDO
AAA Southern California
"Navigating through the noise is nearly impossible when trying to educate myself and team. This platform has opened a door I never knew existed. The interaction, education, and connections are priceless."
Ananya Bandyopadhyay: Data Management Lead
New Yorker
"This is an absolute must-have within the data governance industry. There are so many different points of view, and somehow DataQG has brought them all together in a way we can all learn. Great Data Governance Education."
Melecio JR Valerio: Data Governance & Analytics Leader
"The areas of discussion and education is so relevant to what our team is doing on a daily basis. It is essentially like attending a data governance conference, but the learning and connections never stop.
Denise Miller: Data Integrity leader
Westfield Insurance

Your Journey Starts Here.

Looking to get certified and educate on Data Governance Best Practices with your peers? DataQG can get you there.